Terror In The Park

Gracie here!  Moms got sinus issues so while she’s drugged up on sinus meds I stole her laptop!

I wanted to tell you about the horrible experience I had at the park.  We had gone a few Saturdays ago and the first thing we noticed when we drove up was that there were lots of dogs in the park!  YAY!  Lots of dogs to play with!  We usually go during the week and we never see anydoggy.  But they were so nice, they lined up at the fence as we came up to greet us.  We went into the first enclosure and Mom took our leashes off, then she opened the next gate and all the dogs came rushing to greet us.  Mom was a little worried about Henri since he likes to bark and growl at all the dogs we see on our walks but he was jumping around with all the dogs and was having a good time.  A couple dogs came up to sniff me, no problem, they probably smelled my royalty, then they went back in to play.

Except one big black shepherd.  I don’t know what his name was but he was real big and he barked at me and growled.  His mom said he was just a year old and wanted to play.  I don’t know what kind of play he was use to but he was just too rough for my taste!  He backed me against the gate and then when I got away I had to hide behind everyones legs because he WOULDN’T LEAVE ME ALONE!

He chased and growled at me and Mom tried to distract me but its hard to chase after a ball when a dog 3 times my size keeps cutting me off and growling at me!  I was so tired running from him and hiding behind Mom I just wanted to go home.  It was not fun!  Finally Mom and Henri (who is just running around having a jolly time with everyone) and Steffi and I moved to the back of the park were we all played ball.  The big dog stayed away but others came to say hello and we all played together.  I think we had the best Mom there because she had treats in her pocket and shared them with our new friends.  I started to feel better.

Then some more dogs showed up, two little maltese’s named Mickey and Minnie and a golden retriever but we didn’t get his name.  We all lined up to greet them but sure enough the big shepherd caught sight of me and began to terrorize me again!  I was so afraid, he backed me up to the fence and I barked LEAVE ME ALONE but he wouldn’t.  Then my knight in shining armor, Henri, got between us and started barking and growling at him to leave me alone.  I couldn’t believe it!  Henri is smaller than me and he chased the big dog off.  I was so relieved!  The big dog ran off and started to play with the golden so we took the chance and headed for the back of the park again to play.

After a while I guess the golden got tired of the shepherd cause he came back and played with us, he liked to chase the ball too!  But I think you can guess what happened.  The big shepherd came back to where we   were playing and the golden took off.  The big dog stayed with us and started taunting me again just because I didn’t want to play with him.

But you know what?  I was ready for him, if Henri could chase him off so could I…but for some reason he wasn’t afraid of me 😦

He barked and growled and snapped at me but I gave it right back to him!  I was ready to fight him if I had too, even though he was so much bigger.  I kept going for his legs!   Mom was right there, but I could feel her getting nervous.  She kept giving me her sharp, short and loud, HEY, which means you get over here right now!  And every time I did, but the big dog followed me!  Mom looked for the other dogs mom and she was over sitting on a bench talking to Mickey and Minnie’s mom.   Finally she heard all the commotion and came over and yelled for her dog, and you know what the dog did?  Ignored her!  That’s right, that’s when Mom got really nervous because if we got into it that dog wasn’t listening to anyone!  The lady had to grab his collar and pull him away.  The golden came back and we played some more but Mom and I kept an eye out for the big shepherd.  We were both tired of his nonsense!  Eventually we left.  Overall, it was fun but I did not like that dog at all!  Nobody pushes a Princess around!  Mom was especially proud of Henri helping me when the big dog was harassing me!

A few days later we went in the early evening and there were two dogs there, Barkley and Rosie!  Barkley was big and at first tried to be pushy but when I barked for him to back off he did.  Then we all played together and had a lot of fun!  Henri, Rosie and I chased Barkley all over the park!  We had a ton of fun.  Mom was talking to Barkley and Rosie’s dad and he told her he knows who the big shepherd dog is and that he is pushy and loud but has never gotten into a fight with anyone.  That’s nice to know.

After all that stress I needed a……




9 thoughts on “Terror In The Park

  1. Bawaahhaaa I would of needed one of those after being backed up against the fence.. I fink there is a Rod Stewart song about that..Bawaahhhaa see ya tomorrow for question time my buddie..If you need any help wiff these pups, let me know..I’m 2 now 🙂 hope mamma feels better real soon xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  2. How scary. I won’t take mine to dog parks because of things like this. My Leah can be a bully, and I wouldn’t want her to bully anyone like that mean shepherd did to you. And a lot of dogs like to pick on my poor Toby, I wouldn’t want to make him an easy target. Glad the owner finally noticed what her dog was doing, and at least tried to reprimand him. He probably shouldn’t be allowed at the park if he’s going to be so mean.

  3. that is why we will NEVER EVER EVER go to an off-leash dog park. Even our vet is opposed to them. They are dangerous and the vet said that you would be surprised how many dogs go there that are NOT current on their shots. Off-leash dog parks are MAJOR NO-NOs in our world.

  4. Oh excuse me missy grace that is my martini glass – I don’t care how stressed you were GET YOUR OWN Glass!!!!!

  5. I’m glad I have my minions, ahem, Shepherds, trained as my body guards! Kuster is 65 pounds and I weigh 50, and he has a healthy respect for me! When I saw his pointy ears go up and realized what he was going to be, I started minion training right away, and it worked. Morgan always considers herself my personal bodyguard, and when other dogs bother me, she tells them what’s what. I’m sorry you had such a scary experience at the dog park. Our dog park has two sections, one for big dogs and one for little dogs, which makes things a lot easier, except that a lot of little dogs’ humans won’t put them in the little dog side. Anyway, I hope that you have more fun the next time you go!


  6. Awww poor gracie, Kirby and I KNOW how you feel, we were actually gonna do a post about it soon. Sometimes, you just get those bullies. I know Kirby and this shar pei puppy got into it, because he kept bullying him around, and not in a playful way, even though that is what his owner was trying to say. I am all for dogs working it out, and I love when Kirby meets big dogs, but when they start not nipping, but BITING, and growling very very badly it is a no no for us. And guess what!- Lastweek we visited, the dog (he’s a dog now) is banned from the park as he bit a chunk of a dogs ear off!!! I try not to be nervous too, but I think better safe then sorry you know! 🙂 xoxox-leah and kirby

  7. How scary!! It’s tough being the little dog in a dog park, believe me I know. I do not like to play and I let everyone know it too. Now I have Torrey to help if dogs get to much for me. Good job on Henri’s part for protecting you.

  8. That is so scary gracie! Our mom doesn’t take us to the dog park cause Teddy is scared of everything, all I do is leave pee mail on everything and Ash isn’t very friendly at times. I guess now I understand better why mom doesn’t take us! Henri is our hero!

  9. Goodness sakes!! That is why we rarely go to the dog park, there always seems to be one dog that likes to create mischief. 😦 I’m glad your mom and Henri were there to protect you!

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