A Park, Scary Kennel Days and the Walk From Hell…

Hey everybody, Gracie here!  Mommy let me get on the computer while she fixes a meal for Henri and me!

So, let me tell you what horrors a Princess should never be exposed to.  It all started over three weeks ago.  Mommy loaded Henri and I into the car and we were off for a ride.  I love rides, Henri, not so much.  But he is getting better.   We drive to this big building that we had been to before, mommy goes in and she usually comes out and we leave.   This time she came out and grabbed a bag from the back of the car and took us out.  We walked just a little ways down a trail, it was great, so many doggy scents!  Henri and I tried to leave as many scents as possible too!  We get to this gate and go through it and then mommy did something she has only done twice before, she unhooked our leashes and off we went.  Henri and I had a blast!  We chased each other, we chased the ball, we chased the frisbee.  Mommy had treats and water for us when we got thirsty and hungry.  It was a great time!  And what was even better was that we went back again and again!  Every time we hopped in the car Henri and I had our paws crossed that we are going to the park!  Mommy likes to take our picture so here are a few from the park!


Waiting for mom to come throw the frisbee!


Henri doesn’t understand the concept of fetch!


But we have lots of fun!

One day Mom packs us in the car and we are sure we are heading to the park but the ride takes forever and ever!  When we finally stop Mom gets out and leaves us in the car.  It is kind of scary because it is so loud and there are lots of other cars around us.  When she comes back she has someone with her and she lets us out of the car to give us a drink and to say hello to the lady she called Steffi who Mom said was from Germany.  I had no idea who or what that was, I was just afraid because outside of the car it was really really loud and I just wanted to get back in!

We go home to have dinner and Mom and Steffi leave us while they go out again.  I’m just glad to be able to take a quiet nap!

The next day this Steffi person was still here and since I was a little grumpy the day before I decided to go greet her properly!


I decided I liked her!

Then we went out all day!  We went to the beach and then we went to visit Brie at her house in Cape May, walked around a lot but spent some time in the car too.

The next day there was wet white fluffy stuff falling from the sky and that’s when the horror began.  I should have known something was up because Mom and Steffi took us out early and while we were eating Steffi was packing up a small bag that she came with.  I thought maybe she was going back to that place called Germany but then Mom was packing a bag too and I got scared but then she started to pack our toys and our beds and our treats!

If I’d only known.  We headed in the direction of the park, but that was crazy cause by now the wet white stuff was coming down hard and Mom doesn’t ever take us out in it unless we have to do our business.  She parked the car and we all got out and then they separated us!

*cries* I’m sorry, just the memory of it makes me sad.  Steffi walked back with us to a room and then Mommy started bringing all our toys and bed in.  She was giving us away!  I cried and cried.  Henri was sad too and tried to cheer me up but I just wanted to go home!  I barked at her that I would be good and share my toys with Henri and not cry when he took my bone and I gave her extra extra kisses.  But it didn’t work!  At first I thought maybe she would change her mind because she had water in her eyes too but she left us and all I could do was watch her through the glass door as she walked out.


It wasn’t so bad, there were other dogs there and people came and brought us our food but I wasn’t hungry.  I let Henri eat it.  They took us for walks but not like Mommy did and they forgot to give us a treat when we came back in from the walk.  Henri tried to cheer me up by bugging me to play and a few times when I was laying down being sad he jumped on me and made me chase him around the room but it wasn’t the same : {

We had two sleeps in the dark and I was beginning to think I would never see Mommy again.  Then one night Henri was at the door barking.  He did that when other dogs walked past our room, but then he got even louder and crazier so I went over to shut him up and then I saw what he did, MOMMY!!!  She came back!!!

There were two see through doors separating us but I knew it was her and that girl Steffi was still with her!  She came in and played with us while another lady packed up all our stuff to go home!  I didn’t know it but Mommy said she could see us all the time she was away and even took a few pictures…


It was great to be home!  Mommy gave us a bath, I don’t know why, and lots of cuddles.   The next day was the walk from hell!  Good thing I got lots of rest at that place we stayed at because the next day our stuff was packed up again and we went for a long ride.  When we got out we were at the beach but not really, there were lots of trees around and the water didn’t chase us when we got near it.  Then we started walking.  And walking and walking and walking!  Sometimes we were picked up but that was only to get Henri and I around a big puddle of water.  We walked where there were trees all around us.  Henri and I heard some strange noises that scared us but the humans did not and just continued on.  DID THEY EVEN KNOW THE DANGER THEY WERE IN!

We finally stopped and had some water and food.  I was so tired!  And poor Henri, he smaller than I am, I don’t know what they were thinking!  Finally, FINALLY, we were walking back to the car!  Henri and I jumped in and went right to sleep!  When we got home we got some food and then Mom put us in the pen with our pillows, they went out, we went to sleep!

The next few days weren’t so bad.  We didn’t walk much but we did drive around in the car a lot.  Then one day Steffi was filling and refilling that bag she came with.   Then she was refilling it again and again, I thought it was going to burst!  Then she pulled out another bag, took some stuff out and put it in the second bag.  Her and Mommy were laughing about it, I don’t know why.  Then we had a long drive back to the noisy place and we all got water in our eyes when we were giving hugs to Steffi.  I wasn’t sure but the next day we tried to run upstairs to greet her like every morning but Mom wouldn’t let us go up there because the night before our cousin showed up with his dad and mom and he was sleeping where Steffi had been sleeping.  We tried the next day but there was nobody up there.  I guess she isn’t coming back.  We miss her, she was fun to go for a walk with because she liked to run and would run with us on the leash.  Here we are out for one of our many walks!


See how much we loved her!

Boy this was long!  Must go see what’s keeping Mom with our dinner!  I will tell you the tale of the scary dog at the dog park next time.


16 thoughts on “A Park, Scary Kennel Days and the Walk From Hell…

  1. My goodness, what a story!! We have been to the dog place, but only for a day trip. I wasn’t really excited about that, I don’t think I would want to stay for days in a row. I can’t wait to read about the trouble at the dog park.

    • It was scary! I’m just glad to be back home in familiar surroundings. I was going to write about that today but Mommy took us to the park instead, me and Henri had fun!

  2. We’ve never stayed at the doggie place. We just stay home and Grandad comes and takes care of us. We are glad we don’t have to go to the doggie place. We would be sad just like you!

    • I can think of a lot of places mom could have taken us too, my uncle mike’s, my aunt betty or some cousins could have stayed here with us. I’ll have to remind her of that the next time she starts packing a bag!

  3. Aww, Gracie, I miss you! And Henri too! Oh, and your Mommy, of course. 🙂 We did have such a good time, didn’t we? I hope I can visit you again soon.

    • OOOHHHH MISS STEFFI !!! We miss you too! Where did you go? We went to look for you but you were gone! Why did mommy take you to that loud place and leave you there?!?!

  4. The third picture is soooooo adorable oh my goodness, have it framed! I think this was the longest post i EVER READ FROM YOU GUYS! LOL. The doggie place looks very cosey, its so cute it has its very own bed, but glad your mommy was there too pick you up and you were not LEFT BEHIND! :p I love your leashes they are so bright and colourful. The park seemed like such a great adventure, so glad you liked it!!! PS- Kirby and I are hosting a giveaway if you guys are interested and want to enter, its the post before last. Hope you guys have a good day. Lots of love, Kirby and leah!

    • Thanks, we were waiting for a treat!
      It was okay and comfortable but it wasn’t the same without mommy there! Was the giveaway the one with the towel? I think mom already posted but we have a towel like that so she was passing so someone else could have a chance.
      Too bad you are so far away, we could have a playdate with Kirby!

    • It was a blast! Not that place. I guess where ever she went, she said something about a place called Washington DC, she couldn’t take us because all of the other times we were with them and had fun with them.

  5. Sounds like (mostly) fun and high adventure with you two! Your ‘doggie hotel’ looks much nicer then the ones our dogs have used in the past – and you got to stay together! We’re so glad you’re back!

  6. Whew! I am SO glad your mom came back! I was getting worried! Hopefully, your mom won’t go off and leave you like that again. It sounds like Steffi brought a lot of fun with her!


    You wanted to know the story about the doll, and so I’ll tell it here. My birthday always happens just after Mother’s Day, which is no big deal, but since my husband and I got together, his family has always had this bizarre rule that we can’t celebrate my birthday on Mother’s Day weekend. *shrug* Last year, his parents were having some hard times, so instead of everyone having their own birthday (there are three in Sepetember, five in October, one in November, four in December, one in January and two in March, and mine is in May), they decided to have monthly parties and the rule was that all the gifts would be dollar gifts, which was fine with me. So, we go to all these birthday parties and take all these gifts, but then, come Spring, one of my sisters in law decides that because her son and daughter are so young, that we’ll have special parties for them. Still, no big deal. Two of my brothers in law are adopted and very special needs. One of them has an unholy obsession with a baby doll, and he’s eighteen. So, last year, we all show up for this Mother’s Day party, just before this rather important birthday of mine, and we’re informed that there’s a birthday party happening for “Matthew” the doll. There’s even a cake that’s been prepared and some people in the family have brought gifts for him, wrapped in wrapping paper and everything. They have a party for the doll. Not one word is said about my birthday, I never even get dollar gifts or birthday salutations. I still can’t talk about birthdays with my husband’s family. But two of my sisters in law read the blog, so it’s not a story I can tell there!

  7. You poor little things. I was crying right along with you but I’m so super glad your mom came back for you!! Hopefully her friend will come back soon for another visit.

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