Please excuse my absence, I’ve been under the weather with my stomach issues the last few day. And OMG how the emails pile up! I will get to them shortly but since I missed B&W Sunday and Mischief Monday I thought I would post for Tasty Tuesday. I’m not a cook or doggie biscuit maker but I can mix up a mean bowl of dry kibble and wet dog food! As seen from these pictures, I am the bestest cook that Henri and Gracie have ever known!




Anxiously awaiting their gourmet feast!



Chowing Down





Henri makes sure Gracie didn’t leave even a tiny morsel behind!


12 thoughts on “

    • Yes, Henri is very very thoughtful that way! LOLOL Did you see his dish, that’s because he eats too fast and then throws up! Well, he hasn’t in a while since I got that dish. You’d think every meal was his last!

  1. I love the first photo! Too cute! Gracie and Henri remind me in yin and yang, opposite but complementary.
    Hope you’re feeling better πŸ™‚

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