The Crying Game

Gracie and Henri had been chewing on their deer antlers and I was watching tv. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Henri try to take Gracie’s treat. I grabbed my phone to see what antics I could record. Henri just started crying and then Gracie joined in until Henri stole his prize. But that’s okay, Gracie stole his!


19 thoughts on “The Crying Game

    • They do the bone swap thing all the time! It drives me crazy. I had to laugh today though, I was talking to a friend on the phone and Gracie was chewing on a bone. Henri was watching her and when she would stop he pushed the bone at her with his paw. I laughed, he kept shoving it at her nose! LOLOL

  1. That’s so funny! What a little sneak! Finn is barking his face off after listening to all the crying! I guess he wants in on the antler action!

  2. No stealing treats in this house! If the humans ever dare get another dog to steal my treats I would bites their ears!
    BTW I am really glad this is a video about dogs and not the actual crying game.

    • No, don’t let them get another! You have to share your treats, your water and food and your toys! LOLOLOL Yeah, Gracie and Henri are too young to see that kind of crying game!

  3. Hi Gracie and Henri! We have exciting news for you today at in our blog post “And the Award goes to….”!!! Oops… did I give it away?! 😀
    Coralee and Finn

    • As soon as I have my internets back we will be over! I’m at Starbucks now using their internet… I think I might do this tomorrow morning too! Getting a lot done without two dogs running circles around me and giving me balls to throw for them!

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