Mischief Monday

So last week I left the Gracie and Henri alone for the afternoon, with the run of the house, as I went to my do some work at my brother’s house.   Some of you thought they were being devious and planned to wreck havoc once I was gone!

Well, I am happy to say they were very good!  I found no new chewed corners of the furniture, pp pad was used but aim was right on and no chewed up tissue boxes or papers!


So where is the mischief?  Well, that happened last night, not really mischief but sneaky.  I always say Henri is like a thug from the wrong side of town, trying to turn my Princess Gracie and make her his partner in crime.  Last night Gracie was on the sofa downstairs, napping and minding her own business.  I was upstairs watching tv and Henri was on the sofa beside me enjoying some scratches behind his ears.  I had forgotten that I used a Kleenex and instead of putting it on the table I tucked it into the cuff of my shirt, a grandmom trick.  Henri, who can smell and spot a piece of tissue a mile away grabbed it and jumped off the couch to eat his new prize.  I jumped up, sensing trouble Henri ran for the steps with me hot on his paws!  He flew from the bottom step to the sofa and promptly dropped it on Gracie and took off again!  Like I would believe my little angel would do something like steal a used tissue…oh wait, yeah she would!  Nevermind!


Like I said, thug from the wrong side of town!

Though, he was cute this morning when he took a flying leap from the bottom step (he does that a lot) landed on the sofa where Gracie was resting, wrapped his paws around her neck and hugged her….and then he started chewing on her ear but that’s besides the point!


18 thoughts on “Mischief Monday

  1. Oh, TOO funny!!! You know I always wondered how old you have to be to start stuffing Kleenexes up your sleeve (hahaha!) 😀

    • They bring me joy and laughter every day! LOLOL I don’t think you have to be old, I’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember. My grandmother always had a tissue up her sleeve!

    • They must have some special….scent that only dogs can smell! Tissues and the boxes! I got to the point where I wrapped a box of tissues with clear shipping tape, Henri still got to it. Not as bad but it was torn up!

  2. They’re clever creatures. Delilah is my tissue chewer, Sampson would never! LOL at least you were there to handle it, instead of coming home to chewed up tissue.

    • Oh, coming home to a chewed up tissue was a problem I had when it was just Gracie. Henri takes it a step further and eats them!!! Henri eats everything! I don’t get it.

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