Mischief Tuesday

Sorry, missed Monday, don’t know what happened to it!  If anyone finds it let me know.

Okay, I promised a couple pictures from Gracie and Henri’s adventure to the beach.



Here they are playing together.



And here is Gracie deciding to go solo and give me a heart attack!

After our adventure on the beach we walked back to my friends house and while she went back out to get our lunch I took pictures.  I’m thinking they were happy and having a happy day!






This is my friends dog, Brie

And this is the mischief part of Tuesday, I know they bark with each other telepathically and are conspiring against me!

Gracie has a touch a diarrhea so I got her some pepsol bismol.  It was a bit difficult getting her to lick it off a spoon so I had to open her mouth and pour it in.  When I was with a friend she had a syringe that she had to give her dogs medicine and gave me one.  Tonight I sucked some of the pink stuff into the syringe and chased Gracie around until I got her, put her on my lap and shot the pink stuff in.  Still holding Gracie I put the syringe down on the dining room table and went to the kitchen to get the little measuring that comes with it that I had the measured dose in.  I turn around and the syringe is gone.  Henri in the meantime has a syringe in his mouth and is heading for the stairs!  I’m sure Gracie told Henri through telepathy to get the syringe and hide it!

It really is a good thing I love em so much!


5 thoughts on “Mischief Tuesday

    • I was so afraid Gracie wasn’t going to come back! She got so far away from us but eventually she turned around and came back. I have to see Scott on the 18th so we’re going back to Bobbi’s and taking the dogs out again.

  1. It looks like they had a great time on the beach! Bunny and I envy them. Brie is adorable, too!

    If you’re having some tummy issues with Gracie, give her some canned pumpkin. The plain stuff, NOT the pie filling. It’s a miracle food that cures both Big D issues and constipation issues. We give ours about a tablespoon with their food and it helps pretty quickly. You probably won’t need more than a tablespoon for Miss Gracie.

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