Pawsitively Adorable!

Ann from Pawsitively Pets sent me my valentine’s day cards for donating towards the Share the Love Charity

OMD they are so adorable!  Now I just have to figure out how to put them in the sidebar!  But here they are for you to check out…

My Little Sweetheart!


My Little Dude!


This past Thursday we had a little adventure.  I was went to visit a friend who lives on the beach.  She said to bring the dogs, we’d take them for a walk on the beach and let them run free since it was allowed in winter.

Let me just say this now, my dogs have NEVER been off leash except for one or the other dashing out accidentally when I open the door, which happened only a few times!  We’d go for walks, or go to the park, never off leash.  Except when they visit their friends Capone and Bogie in their big “ENCLOSED” backyard.   I was afraid they’d run away or run into the ocean and drown!

For a few days before, we re-enforced our “come” command.  One thing about Gracie and Henri though is when we are home they are perfect little students and do all that I ask of them, take them to a friends house and they forget every thing I’ve ever taught them.  And it pretty much happened that way!

We get to the beach and walk down towards the waters edge.  There had been some beach erosion so there was a big drop off from the beach towards the ocean.  It was good because the dogs couldn’t/didn’t climb that and run off towards the streets.  When we first took the leashes off Henri, Gracie and my friends dog, Brie, played together and not too far from us.  I called them over to me a couple times but of course they did not listen!  They chased each other for a bit and tumbled around.  Then Gracie decided to go off on her own and started running ahead of us.  I’m talking far!  I’m calling and calling and she never looks back, my worst nightmare!  I didn’t want to chase her because then it becomes a game.  I wanted to see what she would do.  I would say she was at least the length of a football field away!  In the meantime, Henri is still playing near us with Brie.  I kept calling Gracie, though I’m sure she couldn’t hear me but finally she turned around, saw us and started coming back.  I got out her ball and started to throw it and we played like that for a bit, I didn’t want her running so far away again.

One fear I didn’t have to worry about was them drowning!  The ball rolled towards the waters edge and as they got close a wave had come in and a tiny bit of water was rushing towards them!  It was funny to watch them back up so fast and freak out but I’m happy I don’t have to worry about them drowning.  I had to go in and get the ball for them when another wave came up and wet my sneakers.  We turned around then since wet socks are not fun in 30 degree weather!

They had a great time though.  I brought me camera but was so nervous when Gracie ran off I only got of couple pictures of them on the beach.  I’ll post them for Mischief Monday!

This is a Saturday Pet Blogger Hop!

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10 thoughts on “Pawsitively Adorable!

  1. I love your little Valentines! Too cute!
    I’m glad things didn’t go too badly at the beach! Finn is the same in unfamiliar places – maybe he’s selectively deaf, but I don’t let him off leash except in our yard!

    • Because Gracie is a high energy dog I want to get her lots of exercise because if you don’t all the books say they will destroy your house! Last summer we rode a bike and Gracie pulled me. She got a great workout from that. Looking into joining an enclosed dog park so they can run free.
      Last night after our last walk I was cleaning their paws and had one foot on the leashes so my hands where free. Gracie somehow got loose and started to run after some kids walking down the street but a frantic “Gracie Stop!” stopped her in her tracks. So I don’t know, I think you are right, selective hearing!

  2. I bet the dogs had a blast, but it is SO scary when they run off like that! My Delilah is typically the runner, she will blow off a recall and she is SUPER fast when she runs. Even when I think she’s not looking, she somehow knows that I’ve TURNED AROUND and changed direction. In MOST cases she turns right around and comes back to me, then she goes on leash cause I can’t allow that. I’m glad Gracie came back to you and you found a good way to keep her close. There is nothing more terrifying than watching your dog run AWAY from you.

    • It was very scary. Last night I was cleaning their paws after a walk and was standing on their leashes to keep my hands free. I was walking on Henri and didn’t realize Gracie got away until I heard her bark. She was heading towards some kids walking by and I yelled a frantic “Gracie Stop!” and she did.
      Selective hearing I think!

    • Thanks! But I should be able to do that. I’m going to be looking into a different layout. I have a lot of real estate with nothing on it! Everyone I showed the pictures too love them!

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