Pawsitively Pets Fundraiser

I know this should be Mischief Monday but I was checking out some blogs and found a link to a really cool fundraiser that I thought I would share with you.

It is by Pawsitively Pets and it is a Share the Love Valentines Day fundraiser.  You can check out the details there but here is the idea…

From now until February 11th, 2013, you can donate $1 (US Dollar) towards the Share the Love fundraiser. In return, I will make you a Valentine’s Day graphic/card with your pet on it. So not only will you be donating for a good cause, you also get something in return! 
Wondering which charity will receive the funds when it’s all done? That’s the even better part! After the fundraiser is over, I will add the names of everyone who purchased a Valentine’s Day graphic into and choose a random name. That person will select their favorite pet rescue or charity and all of the proceeds will be sent off to them!
Cool right?  So check it out!
Here are my two pictures I’d like for my cards…
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5 thoughts on “Pawsitively Pets Fundraiser

  1. Hello! Nice to meet you and your pups! And thanks so much for the donation and sharing – so very nice of you 🙂 I’ve saved the pictures and should have them ready for you no later than tomorrow. Thanks again!

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