Black & White Sunday

Scary Movie Night

*henri can’t watch*


This is a Black & White Sunday Blog Hop!

Thanks to My Life In Blog Years And You Did What With Your Weiner and Dachshund Nola


15 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday

  1. Gracie looks very scared indeed! She almost looks like a little ghost herself, a friendly one though, hey maybe she likes Casper?
    Just out of curiosity how were you able to send me the new post through my email?

    • They are so funny when they watch tv! I try to cover their eyes but Gracie is like me she, likes the scary stuff! Henri not so much, he turns away himself.

      I don’t know, I usually get an email when you post because I think I follow you by mail and in my reader. I have to figure this out. Some people I have on my reader and some I follow through email, I just want to do it one way.

      • Then me and gracie are the same i like scary stuff too!I know I hate how confusing it all is. I wish there was just one thing to communicate with blogger and wordpress and any other blog, but no that would be too easy. I made a google + account so i could keep in contact with the blogger world but its just so much work….its just crazy because you really have to advertise your blog like crazy to get people reminded of that it still exists, ahh ow well.anyways if you want gracie or henri entered for the ancient history thing (i do there search lol not you) then pop over to my post and enter one of them, i think i confused people lmao

  2. Gracie we’re so sorry! We checked through all our comments, and we can’t find yours! 😦 That thumb problem is exactly why I couldn’t pick up those darned grapes (but I’m thinking it was stoopid computer glitch!)

    • I just commented on your DIY training post and it didn’t show up 😦
      I don’t know about blogger but when you check your mail through WordPress they have a spam folder and I’ve found comments in there. If you have one maybe it got eaten by the spam monster!

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