Graduation Day!

Henri is a graduate!  Last Tuesday night Henri graduated from puppy training class at PetSmart.  I had decided to take him there since he was having none of the home training.  It wasn’t until after the first class that I realized I had forgotten a lot of the tricks I had to use on Gracie.  But it was okay, he made new friends and learned to play with other dogs.  Money well spent!

I don’t want to say he graduated at the top of his class… but, when it came to the contests/games  he did pretty darn well!  First he won fastest sitter, I have to say he was pretty darn fast!  Then they played longest stay.  He came in second for that, but I’m proud of him because it was a really really long stay, I was ready to quit before him!  One little dog, Lulu, tried to distract him but I yelled at her and said, BACK OFF LULU!  Yes, I yelled at a dog, I’m not proud, don’t judge me 😦

Then we played push ups, which we had not learned to do before but Henri came in second with 8 push ups in 30 seconds to the winners 10 push ups.  A couple of his push ups didn’t count, according to the instructor, because on a few of them he didn’t go all the way down.  I want a recount!  After that we played musical dogs, like musical chairs only when the music stopped the dogs had to sit.  Seeing as we were the fastest sitter in the west I knew we had this in the bag!  Sure enough, we were the last dog standing eerrr sitting.

It was a lot of fun though and I might take the intermediate class, but I’ll sign Gracie up for that.

Here are some pictures of the graduation and Henri with his awards!







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5 thoughts on “Graduation Day!

    • He was an awesome student at school but drove me crazy at home! I was so happy for him when he won the little contest, as you saw from middle picture he was very very happy too!

  1. Yayyy! Henri is such a star! He looks so proud to have completed his classes. I think this has just convinced me even more that I should give petsmart puppy school a shot, I wasn’t going to because I like teaching him obedience on his own, – or attempting- but it must be so great for him to interact and learn with other doggies!

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