Walk Don’t Run

I mentioned that I spent Thanksgiving at my brother’s house.  The house is big so Gracie and Henri had a blast!  They were having so much fun I decided to videotape them…

Seriously, if they weren’t playing in the pen, outside playing or sleeping, they were chasing each other around and around!

This is a Saturday Pet Blogger Hop!

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10 thoughts on “Walk Don’t Run

    • They were, though sometimes I think they play a little too rough. And while I’ve socialized each individually and they get along with other dogs, when it comes to greeting other dogs together on our walk they get jealous. Do you have problems with that or any suggestions?

  1. I wish I had a companion to run around with. The humans almost got another pug for me to play with when they saw on craigslist that someone wanted to trade her pug for a couch. Unfortunately, the humans didn’t have enough to offer the lady and she didn’t come home with us. I hope that poor pug finds a nice home with humans that don’t think her value is equal to a stinking couch!

    • WOW there should be a law against that! I think I would have alerted the humane society or animal control. A pet shouldn’t be used like that. It is so great having a companion because then your humom doesn’t have to constantly keep you occupied! Maybe they could pick up a little buddy for you at the animal shelter or humane society.

    • Yeah, you say that now! Wait till you have to get up early every morning to walk them and instead of falling into bed at night you have to bundle up and walk again! And no, I don’t need someone to watch the house while I’m walking them! You’re coming too!
      Yeah, Gracie really outruns Henri! But I like how she keeps looking back to make sure Henri is still there!

  2. Hahahaha, aww that is so cute. Henri is such a doll! They remind me of Kirby and Poe they do the exact same thing chase each other all over the place! That was such a cute video, and the music worked so well with it! btw i nominated u for a award over on my blog

    • they are cute to watch! I just wish I had a bigger home for them to run like that. but they enjoyed being at my brothers house and we are going back to visit in the spring!

      What, what award? Heading over there now!

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