Thankful Thursday

I have many things to be thankful for but since this is my doggies blog I will focus on them.  And since Henri is our newest addition, I will start with him!

Actually, I think I will start with some non-thankful things.  And believe me when I say, Henri has a list as long as my arm, here are just a few.

1. His failure to understand that pee peeing is for outside.  Now he does use the pee pee pads and his aim is about 95% accurate, but my dream is to have a home without pee pee pads on the floor.  We’re working on it!

2. His love of anything cardboard and/or wood.   I’ve lost at least 5 boxes of tissue, not the tissues themselves, just the box, 1 shoebox and multiple wooden edges (furniture legs, corner of bar, wall and railing) chewed down.  I correct him calmly, give him an alternative to chew and bitter apple the furniture.  No, we have a memory problem!

3. His anxiety over riding in the car.  The dog is a drooling fool!  Yes, I know it is anxiety and he has tried dramamine but it does not alway work.  I use towels on the seats but heck no, we don’t want to sit on anything wet, once the towels are wet we push them away and drool on the seat!  Oh, and the door.  Car door after a 5 minute run into Starbucks…


I think our next step is prescription meds.

There are many more bad habits we have to work on, but there is one thing I am so thankful for that makes all the naughty behavior obsolete…


How could you stay mad at a face like that!

And now I will go give my doggies lots of hugs and let them know I am thankful for them!

This is a Thankful Thursday Blog Hop

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