Update–Where You Been Gracie???

Hi, just wanted to do a little update on why we disappeared.  Well, we didn’t disappear, we’ve been here all along.  Just not on the computer.

I think I mentioned how I started a job back in October.  The hours were long and the drive an hour one way.  I was getting up at 4am just to make sure Gracie got lots of exercise before I left and we did long walks and played when I got home.  Not much time to hang out with all of our new two and four legged friends.  Oh and  shout out to Dags N Paws and Kirby for checking up on us!  During that time I adopted another dog, Henri.  I know, what was I thinking?  Well I was thinking about Gracie being home alone with nobody to play with.  Henri has been a wonderful addition to our little family and they get along so well.  Can’t wait to post the videos and pictures I’ve taken  of them.

Just before Thanksgiving I got laid off and was looking forward to getting back into our website and posting pictures, after I slept a year that is!  We spent Thanksgiving in Maryland at my brothers house.  He had stepchildren and grandchildren visiting also.  Unfortunately, the kids were sick and by Saturday when I was driving home I was sick also.  And it was a doozy!  I was very very sick and weak for the first few weeks then the coughing started.   I went through 2 bottles of Delsym (cough suppressant) before I finally called the doctor and he put me on antibiotics.  I felt better but still had the cough.  I couldn’t talk (or sing Christmas Carols) without coughing.  I still spend about an hour coughing up mucous in the morning.  I guess I should have gone to the doctors right away!

That’s whats been happening in our little neck of the woods.  Decided I wanted to start the new year off right and get my sh*t together.  I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired!

Oh, I guess I should post the pics of Gracie and Henri celebrating the New Year.

Poor Henri fell asleep before the ball dropped…

HNY Henri


Gracie was a little upset because I cut her off!  I told her, no more hooch for the pooch…



But look, they love each other!

Gracie hugging Henri


So, see you tomorrow for….. I forget what Thursday is!


13 thoughts on “Update–Where You Been Gracie???

  1. Hey Gracie, Hey Henri, Jet here.

    WELCOME BACK… sort of kind of… Wow, what a time you’ve had… Mom’s had that icky thingie for about 4 weeks… so she gets it… glad you’re recovering. 🙂

    Wowee wow wow… welcome to the pack, Henri! Can’t wait to learn about you. Your HuMom was certainly diligent about keeping you both well exercised and loved. Sending you lots of Jetty kisses and JJ hugs or warmth and friendship.

    Wishing you a year filled with health, happiness and abundance. 🙂

    • I feel for your mom Jet, I feel her pain! We’re happy to be back, Gracie’s been bugging me about it a while now. You’ll like Henri, he’s a bad boy of a prince but I’d like him to be gentlemanly like you!
      Wishing you a healthy and prosperous New Year! And Gracie says, may your doggie biscuit jar runneth over!

  2. WELCOME BACK! I was worried fora bit you may never return! What Henri is a new addition! That is so so so exciting! I can’t tell you how excited I am to see the antics these two will get up too! Henri is adorables!!!! You must do a whole post about him. How old is he? They look so in love! I;m glad you are feeling better, and I’m so sorry you were laid off, and right before the holidays,, how nice of them, but I am glad you are getting everything together now! Looking forward to reading what is new with you!

    • Hey Kirby! We’re happy to be back! Henri will be a year old on January 26th and is a terrier mix. I call him my terrier terror! He was such a bad boy, and still is, but he’s getting better. They’ve taken to each other so well that I know in my heart it was the right decision to adopt another dog. Now I just have to get all the cute pictures off my phone! Is Saturday video day? I have a cute one of them from Thanksgiving day, can’t wait to post it!

  3. Yuck, I am sorry the last few months were so difficult for you. I hope the new year brings you many more positive moments and I look forward to reading about all of them. Congratulations on your new family member!

    • Thanks, a healthy and prosperous new year to you too! Now I just have to get all these photos off my phone and organized! Organization, I need to add that to my New Year’s Resolutions!

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