Monday Mischief

Gracie here!  Mommy is not feeling well, her tummy aches, so I decided to jump in and post for today.  Though it is kind of embarrassing having to post a picture of some mischief I was involved in like some common dog.

I’m doing this for mommy!

So one night we were having a quiet evening.  Mommy sipping something that was hot, I tried to sip it too, and pushing a pin with colored string, I tried to eat it, through a cloth.  After a while I settled down at her feet with my own little chew toy.  Now let me tell you, chew toys are nice!  I mean, I don’t go for the stinky shoe or the hard leg of a table, mommy keeps me well supplied with toys fit for a princess!

Except for paper.  I just love the feel of paper in my mouth and the sound it makes when I rip it to shreds!


So I’m minding my own business when I notice mommy put a piece of paper on the small table in front of us.  Looks like she’s done with it so I decided to have my fun.  After a few minutes of tearing through this little piece of paper I hear GRAAAACIIIIEEEEEEEE

Mommy does that when I have something she wants!  Game on!  First I ran for the big table, ducked under it and headed for the stairs.  But mommy was there right at the first step.  I reverse course and ran in the other direction down the hall!  Wrong move, doors shut, I was trapped!  Plus, I noticed I left a big piece of my precious paper behind.  Mommy had it in her hand.  Hmmm, maybe she would be interested in a trade?  I offered her the little piece by dropping it at her feet.  And did she drop the big piece?  NO!  She scooped up the small pieces I dropped and put them high up where I couldn’t reach them!


I was not happy!  Then to make matters worse she got my pen out.  Now I enjoy hanging out in a pen like any other dog but I was enjoying my time beside her on the floor.  I guess this was an important paper or maybe she got tired of me jumping at the string she was playing with.  Either way, I was in solitary confinement!  She wouldn’t even let Big Mean Kitty come in and play with me!


I don’t know, here’s the reason I found myself in solitary…


So that’s the mischief I got into.

Sometimes it’s hard having to be princess!

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18 thoughts on “Monday Mischief

  1. Oh Gracie! I’m still laughing here! That paper was REALLY important to Mommy, and you know what? She even finished her project and I’m the proud owner of it!

    Tell your Mommy to feel better soon! Maybe you should cuddle up next to her stomach?

  2. Hey Gracie,

    I didn’t know it was possible for Princesses to get into trouble?

    You look so sad in that pen on your own 😦

    Good Mischief though and I’m always up for a chase once I’ve grabbed something, I usually have to come and show Mum as she doesn’t notice…..

    Have fun,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  3. Hey Princess Gracie, Gentleman Jetty here.

    Hope Mom feels better.

    My Mom does that needle thingie stuff, too… so, yeah, they are quite possessive about that direction stuff. Of course, you wouldn’t know what paper in particular it was… She should have left you a decoy.

    Sorry about solitary… if you ever need representation… I am certified to do so by Scooby Doo Academy. 🙂

    • You’re right, how was I to know that was an important paper? I’m a dog, I don’t read! She should have put it higher up if it was so important!
      I will definitely keep you in mind if I ever need legal representation!

      • Hey Princess Gracie, Gentleman Jetty here.

        Please do… I have a diplomatic way with the humans. 🙂

    • She did! I have her wrapped around my little paw! And sometimes she approves of my chewing choices. Once I chewed up something she called a bill and she asked if I could chew up the rest of them! So, she is definitely encouraging this behavior!

  4. Woof! Woof! OH No! You look so sad by your gate. Hope mom is feeling well. Happy Monday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

    BTW: I know it can be confusing because of my name, Sugar … but I am a girl doggie. Golden Woofs

    • I was sad, especially since she wouldn’t let me have big mean kitty in there with me!
      I knew you were a she doggy from your name, did I call you a he? I’m sorry 😦 You’re my girlfriend doggy! I have some boyfriends too! I like Jet, he’s really nice and handsome! Toby is a boyfriend to but I think he could get me into trouble!

  5. Gracie – I think that was very smart of you to eat the instructions. It teaches your peoples to be more creative. Sorry you got jailed for your efforts. Peoples can be so unreasonable sometimes!

    • They can be! Especially since she taped it all up and finished the project! I should have never been punished! Next time I am wrongfully jailed Gentleman Jet said he would represent me. He has a degree from Scooby college!

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