Wordless Wednesday







I’m a Princess, what do you expect me to drink out of?!?!?

This is a Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop

I hopped on at Tales and Tails!


21 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Really Gracie, that is my glass you are drinking out of and I am the Queen, being the oldest and all Rosebud……Gracie is so cute.

    • What is hooch? Is that what mommy and her friends put in their glasses? My drink comes out of one bottle, mommy’s drink comes out of many bottles and shaken together.
      Well, if you call rolling that ball around that has treats in it and only one hole work, yeah, hard day at work. Needed something to wet my whistle!

      • Yes by hooch I meant alcohol lol XD My grandmother used it the other day and thought I’d give the word a shot, and I was right it is a very old word,haha. And oh yes those treats on those pesky balls with holes,kirby has been there,done that…well sorta

  2. We want one of those! We are like Toby…we have to share one great big water bowl. We want a pretty one like yours even though we are not even close to being a princess and a prince(s)!

    • Well, now that Mommy has brought me a cup to drink out of that is befitting my stature I have some bowls left over and I will send them to you and Toby! You shouldn’t have to share you bowls. COOTIES!

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