Black & White Sunday

Looks like Mommy is shaming me again!



Yes, Mommy shaming me in Black & White!  Not my fault it got stuck on my nose!  I was trying to get that last bit of stuffing out of it!

This is a Black & White Blog Hop!

Check out our hosts and hop on!

My Life In Blog Years, You Did What With Your Weiner, and Dachshund Nola!


22 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday

    • Hello Gentleman Jet! It was “cute” what mommy did with the picture but it sure was embarrassing!
      You tell your mom to email my mom and she will be happy to help her.

      • Hey Princess Gracie,

        Really? That’s super nice of your Mom. Sorry about the embarrassing part… I think you look fetching. Mom gets super busy, so, have patience with her communication frequency. (she had 3-4 jobs)

        Gentleman Jet

    • Hey Jet! Tell Mom to check out iSplash if she has an apple computer. Or Color Splash if she has an iPad or iPhone! Those are the programs I use to color in the pink. Or if she has photoshop she can do it there but it is a little more in-depth, I’d have to do it over email.
      Good Luck

    • Hi Jet! Yeah, I hope your mom gets an apple soon. Took me a while but I was so happy when I did. Helped a friend with her pc the other day and was so happy I made the switch! Tell your mommy to go to google and type in “how do I get the color splash effect with *insert program name*”
      If that doesn’t help type in “how do I get the color splash effect on a pc” There are free programs out there that let you do it. One of them is Gimp. Good luck!

    • It brings to my mind, Help! I can’t breathe with this thing stuck on my nose! But thank you for saying I look adorable, means my princessy beauty still shines through in my embarrassment!

    • Actually Bunny, I was having trouble breathing and wondering why mommy didn’t get it off my nose instead of taking pictures! But thank you for thinking I still looked princessy!

  1. Hmmmm…I thinks instead of shaming you, your mom should be THANKING you for saving her from that stuffie. Oh, I know they LOOK all cute and innocent but WE know better, don’t we?

    Wiggles & Wags,

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