In documenting the life and times of Princess Gracie, I’d been meaning to post about her many trips to the vet during her short life span of … 9 months.

Soon after she came to live with me a friend invited Gracie and I to her house to hang out with her and her dog Dolly.  It turned out to be a bit of a disaster.  Dolly kept jumping on Gracie and wouldn’t leave her alone.  It got to the point where my friend had to put Dolly in her crate.  In the meantime Gracie decided it was okay to eat all of Dolly’s food in her bowl.  I think she might have nabbed some cat food too!

Hey, it was there and she was hungry!

The next afternoon it started, the dreaded diarrhea!  I will not go further into this but only to say that it was 3-4 weeks before she was back to normal.  And yes, she was under medical supervision, fasted, chicken and rice and multiple medication before she was her back to her old young self!

The next series of trips to the vet were for a cut.  I was working and my dog walker called to say she had just brought Gracie back from her walk and she was bleeding all over the place.  She had gotten the wound to stop bleeding but I still went home to see for myself.  It seemed okay, looked like a scratch.  I took her outside to walk on it and there was no problem.  She ran and jumped around like nothing was wrong.  I decided to put some water in the bathtub to clean her paws up so I could see the cut better.  She came into the bathroom with me and watched as I started to fill the tub.  When it was a few inches I picked her up and set her down in the water which immediately turned red.  I turned around and saw the bloody spots all over the white bathroom rug.  Called the vet and they took her right away. When we got there I was able to look at the injury under the light with the doctor.  It was a deep cut, like a flap, on one of her toe pads.  Almost like something sliced it horizontally.  Plus a slice of skin, a little smaller than a dime, on the larger pad was missing.  Nothing they could do for that but the cut/flap got 5 stitches.  They had to keep her there the rest of the day.  I was so upset!


This was the bandage they put on her.  Not a very good job because by the next day it was almost off.  She was due to go back after 4 or 5 days to have it checked but I knew it wasn’t going to last.  I called the vet and got permission to take off the bandage and wrap it up myself.

Of course we pimped it out a little…


Poor girl was not a happy camper.  Taking her for a walk was …. well lets just say my dog walker was ready to quit on me!  And before you ask, yes, we did get a cone of shame.  Did you see the black and white blog hop for last Sunday where she stretched out on the sofa?  Well, we had another stretching session, she stretched her front leg up and flipped her paw over the edge of the cone and licked!

I’ve come to the conclusion long ago that this dog is not stupid!

We kept it clean and dry and went to see the vet for the check up.  She said the wound looked good and if I wanted to I could leave the bandage and sock off, just make sure she didn’t lick it and to come back in 3 days and she would remove the stitches.  I took the Princess home and removed the bandage.  I watched her all evening, took her for walks and not once did she bother with the stitches.  I thought great, now that the bandage is off her paw is not even bothering her.

HEH HEH HEH, did I tell you she was smart?  Woke up the next morning and the stitches were gone!  Yup, she licked them out during the night.  There was a bit of ding that hadn’t closed up all the way but it didn’t warrant a trip to the vet and it finished healing on its own!

So now that our paw is healed, what more can we fix?

Oh, Gracie!  Yes, on August 1st Gracie had another date with the vet to get spayed.  Another 2 weeks of trying to keep her from licking stitches.  This time there was no way she was going to get at those stitches.  I did feel sorry for her the first couple of days but by the weekend we were taking glamour shots…


So those were the many visits to the vet for her many traumatic experiences.  Gracie is a very active, high energy puppy, looking forward to many more exciting trips to the vet….NOT!


8 thoughts on “Trauma!

  1. Well, that’s still better than what we went through with Hawk when he had his sheath infection. When you have to put medicine on a dog in certain areas, it changes your relationship! That’s all I’m going to say about it! I’m glad Gracie’s doing okay now!

  2. Wow Gracie – you’ve kept your peoples pretty busy running you to the vet. And smart getting around that stupid cone head. Like that can stop us, huh? Glad nothing was too serious though, and you got that spayed thing done and over with. It’s hard to get into trouble and have fun when you have pups to care for, right?

    • I try to keep my peoples on their toes but sometimes it wasn’t pleasant.
      I can’t tell you HOW much I HATED those cones! I kept bumping into things and Mommy and her friend kept laughing! She tried to hide it behind her hand but I knew she was amused! She tried playing fetch with me KNOWING I would have trouble getting the ball with the cone but I fooled them, I flipped the ball to them with the edge of the cone! They were catching flies with their mouths dropping open for so long! Huh, don’t mess with the princess!

  3. Sampson had his first major trip to the vet when he was still very small. He had a very bad bout with the big D and was vomiting as well. Poor love I never felt so bad in my life!

    It seems like Gracie found a good one in you. 🙂

    • Me too, I thought I was killing the pup. She was only a few months old and she had to go through that 😦
      And it’s happening again. I give her Taste of the Wild dry kibble mixed with a little wet food of the same brand. The dry and the wet are the same ingredients, Sierra Mountain formula. I accidentally picked up a can of the Wetlands formula and she’s had the big D since yesterday. She’s doing better now though. I didn’t think it would make such a difference since the kibble was the same and I was using the same brand of wet food, just different ingredients.

    • Well, she’s doing fine now but yesterday about an hour after talking to you I took her for a walk and she had diarrhea, I had changed the flavor of her wet food and I guess it didn’t agree with her.

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