Best Saturday EVER!

Mommy is straightening up the house because people are coming to see me today.  She said they were coming to see her and to go out to dinner but I know better!

Anyway, I just had to come here and tell you about the best Saturday morning ever!  Maybe some of my four legged friends will learn something from this.

This morning we were playing our usual game of fetch, I LOVE to play ball, and I jumped up on Mommy’s lap and she let out a shriek that I’m sure the dogs two blocks over heard!  She jumped up, unceremoniously dumping me to the ground and grabbed her leg.  There was something red that she started wiping and then looked at my paws.  I don’t know why, I hadn’t stepped in anything so that red stuff had to be coming from her!

She made a phone call and then brought my leash out!  YAY  we were going for a walk!  But then she grabbed that bag she carries when we go for a ride!  Even better!  I love rides in the car.  But no, when we left my house we started walking down the street, I guessed we were going for a walk!   Coming up the walk behind us was a new dog I never met before, I’m surprised he hadn’t come to see me to let me know he was in my kingdom.  But I decided to be nice and oh boy was he friendly!  His name is Gizmo and my mommy and his mommy let us play for a while.  He’s not like some of the other dogs that try to nip at me when all I want to do is play.  He is 2 months younger than me and we had a ball!

After a while we continued this great morning.  We left our kingdom and mommy took me across the street.  I remembered what was across the street, A TOY STORE!  I was a little upset at first because when we walked into the store she handed me over to this stranger who I did not like in the least!  She tied me to a table and started to cut my nails.  I was having none of it and showed my displeasure to her.  But boy was she fast!  It was okay because my mommy was there and soon I was off the table and mommy and I went to the toys!

I got a new round toy, a long toy that looks like a dog and squeaks and a new disc like the one mommy throws at me when we are outside.  We also got my favorite treats and, unfortunately, a new harness.  Did mommy not learn from last time I chewed my harness up.  This one is prettier though, it’s purple and that’s the color of royalty.  About time I started getting treated like the princess I am.

Then we came home with all my new stuff.  I played a while then decided to share with you how to get new toys and treats.  Jump all over mommy until she screams and then you get rewarded!

Your Welcome!


10 thoughts on “Best Saturday EVER!

  1. Gracie I hope mommy doesn’t get hurt again or auntie Christina will have to take mommy on vacation again & you will have to miss her sooooooo much!!!

  2. Oh, Gracie, trust me, from one princess to another, drawing the red stuff from moms is NOT in your best interest! I’m not a fan of having my nails done either, but I like it a lot more now that Mom got that fancy grinder for us. Now I get pawdicures like the princess I am!

    • Yeah, you might be right. She wouldn’t play ball with me tonight. I’m hoping she’ll forgot what happened today and will play tomorrow morning.

      I have something like that! I gave mommy a hard time with it even though she let me touch it and and listen to it. I guess it’s not so bad, I use to not like it when she brushed my hair and now we do it every day and I like it. I’m a princess I should be getting pawdicures too!

    • It was, and then in the evening people came to see me and played and played with me! Today was a little quieter, but just as fun. We played outside in the sun then came in and I got to chew on one of my favorite treats. Life is good!

  3. What a great way to get a new toy. But when the evil cats do that to my peoples they scream and toss them to the floor. I never see them getting new toys. 😦

    • That’s because they’re cats Toby, nobody really likes cats. But I see what you mean, and a few other princess’s have mentioned I really shouldn’t do that again. But my human forgot all about it because we played ball this morning. Maybe I just got lucky.

  4. Somehow the e-mail notification doesn’t seem to work. Oh well, guess I’ll have to stop by here on my own. 😉

    Wow, what an adventurous day! I’m glad Mommy wasn’t hurt too badly and that you got a new toy for all the stress!

    • I haven’t figured out the email thing yet. I mean the commenting and replying. I’ve commented on blogs but don’t get notification when I get a response. There is something that says to notify me of follow up comments via email but I get everyone else’s comments. I don’t know!

      I still have the scar! She got me good. Afterwards I thought, wait a minute, I’m rewarding her for jumping all over me. Hmmmmmmmm

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