Black & White Sunday

Today I am posting one of my favorite pictures.  Gracie like to lay with her legs behind her and one day I caught this very lady-like pose!


Thanks to the host of this blog hop ( I”m getting the hang of this hopping thing)  My Life In Blog Years

You can go there to hop in!


8 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday

  1. Hey Gracie, Jet here.

    Pleasure to make your acquaintance. Love the photo… Mom is a fan of fluffy K9s! Mom’s originally from Jersey too… (the Oranges, though)… You’re doing brilliantly on the hop… hope to see you again. 🙂

    • She does! At first I thought there might be something wrong. The only dog I ever saw lay like that was an abused dog that could not stand in her cage. It was sad. But Gracie loves it, especially on cool tile floors during the hot summer.

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