A Very Fetching Girl!

I drove down to Virginia where I was meeting my cousins to pick up Gracie.  I brought her home to a new bed, new toys and more treats than she could shake a paw at!  Friends came over at that late hour just to see the new addition to my home and in playing with her we found out just how smart she was at only 8 weeks.  I had bought Martha Stewart small pink tennis balls, figuring I would teach her to fetch as soon as possible.  She was running around and I just happened to pick up one of the balls and toss it down the hallway.  She chased after it and brought it right back to me.  I swelled with pride at my smart little girl who had only been here a few hours.  Of course I jumped up to grab a bag of training treats to reward her but it took me so long to get the bag and open it the connection was lost on her.  My suspicions where confirmed when I threw the ball again and she ignored it!  LOLOLOL

But that was not going to stop me!  The next day I had a pocket of treats and a small pink tennis ball and from that day on running after balls is her favorite pastime!



These were taken by a friend who came to visit that first week.  I find some of my best pictures of Gracie are taken by someone else while I have her distracted.

This one made us laugh.  She was running back with the ball and it fell out of her mouth, she dropped her head to pick it up but her forward momentum flipped her over…


But then after all that hard work it is nice to have a little rest…


Say goodnight Gracie

Goodnight Gracie


7 thoughts on “A Very Fetching Girl!

  1. I love how happy and excited Gracie seems while carrying her ball but I have to admit that the last picture always makes me go “Awww!” 🙂

    • Hi! She is 9 months now. I figured I would play catch up from the beginning when she first came to live with me.
      Did you send me an invite to follow your blog last week? I’m just starting out and I was so excited to get the invite from another dog blogger that I accepted right away. But then when I went to check out your blog later I got an message saying it was deleted so I unfollowed. Was that you? I will follow again.

      • Yea I got too confused with wordpress so it transfered to blogger,hopefully we can still follow each other somehow… I know I can still comment on your wordpress blog from my blogger and vis versa. but I don’t think you will be able to see my new posts, and because Im on blogger now I will hardly be able to see your new posts too. Hmmm, lol

    • I was just getting ready to reply when I got this last comment. I think I did follow you again. I was looking around and then I saw a follow button somewhere and I did. I’m not sure how all this works myself, I’m mostly visiting other sites and seeing what’s going on. Sometimes it seems like I can hit a follow button and I get an email when they update or I have to leave my email address and I follow that way. I only mention this because when I added a “blogs I follow” widget to the left of my posts, not all of them appear. But have no fear, I am armed with a Create Your Own Blog book that I got cheap when Borders when out of business! I will share what I find out! LOLOLOL Though I am impressed that you switched over to wordpress so fast like that. It would have taken me at least a day to figure it out!

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