Second Chances


Grace Kelly came to live with me on February 4th of 2012.  My cousin is a foster parent for rescue dogs and had been called in the middle of a cold January night.  Someone had dropped a box out of their car window and took off.  A good samaritan stopped to see what was in the box and found a puppy.  She was only 4 weeks old.

There is a special kind of hell for people who discard animals like that.

So my cousin’s son posted a picture on Facebook of her and I instantly fell in love!  I mean seriously, how could you not!


I asked it she was still available and Joe said yes.  I contacted his mother and the rest is history.

She got a second chance to grow and live a happy life.


6 thoughts on “Second Chances

  1. (I meant the comment to go here, you can just delete the other one) > OMG I hadn’t read this yet. What aawful thing for someone to do, I can’t beleive we live in a world where these types of people actually exist. I’m so happy for her she found her mommy at last. It is a amazing thing you and your cousin got her to the happy loved dog she is today!!! Bless both your hearts:)

    • I believe there is a special kind of hell for people like that! I thought it was so odd that it was just her in the box. She was 4 weeks old, if she was part of a litter than why was she the only one disposed of like this. Why did someone keep her for just 4 weeks, they could have taken her to a shelter and dropped her off. My theory was that someone stole her, oh, I forgot, there was a blanket and a toy in the box which made me think that! I asked my cousin what they do in case the animal was stolen and she said they put notices out to the police, animal shelter and humane society whenever they find an animal. Nobody called looking for a missing dog.
      But she’s here now and thats all that matters!

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